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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Water Intakes and Pumping Stations

Reliable Technologies powered by our brands Passavant®, Geiger® & JOIS™

We develop and produce water intake solutions including bar screening and trash raking machines, as well as mesh/travelling band screens, mainly made in Germany.


Our division supplies and design-builds made-to-measure automated screening machines for the filtration of debris at:

  • Seawater/river water intakes for thermal power plants (nuclear-, gas- and coal-fired power plants)
  • Desalination plants and industrial- and potable water systems

The aim is to protect pumps and subsequent process steps such as condenser tubes from the carry-over of debris. More than 2,000 highly sensitive plants worldwide (Greenfield and Brownfield) are equipped with our machines. Our cathodic protection systems (with impressed current ICCP) stand for longest lifetimes and corrosion resistance in seawater.