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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Passavant® Scraper Technology for Circular Tanks

Robust clearing technology to be used in new and existing constructions and to be extended by numerous additional devices. Long-term spare parts availability is provided due to the durability of the machines.

Unique Features

  • Proven clearing technology with long life cycle
  • Low maintenance system with high operational reliability
  • Scraper systems suitable for all outlet designs and applications
  • Suitable for combination with all floating sludge removal systems
  • Compliance with the construction principles according to DIN 19569-2


Whether municipal or industrial plants, the robust Passavant® scrapers are characterized by high durability. Bottom scraper blades attached to a scraper bridge push the settled sludge to the central sludge collection trough. The suction scraper removes the settled sludge directly from the bottom. Height-adjustable suction pipes suck off the bottom sludge from there.

Both systems can be combined with a variety of different sludge removal systems and thus adapted to the respective operating conditions.
For safe year-round operation, regardless of ice, snow and rain-soaked scraper track, Passavant® scrapers can be equipped with forced drive (rail and rack).