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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Passavant® Scraper Technology for Circular Tanks

The Passavant® Scraper Technology for Circular Tanks  have been especially developed for automatically scraped, circular sedimentation tanks.

Unique Features

  • For a safe year-round operation even in ice, snow and wet surface, Passavant Scrapers are available with positive drive via rack and rail.
  • Passavant represents robust, tried and tested scraper technology with a long life time cycle.
  • A long-term spare parts supply is ensured.


The bottom scraper blades, connected to the bridge beams, push the sedimented sludge to the central sludge trough. In the case of the suction design, the sludge deposits are drawn off directly from the tank bottom. Due to the difference in water levels between the tank and the outlet channel, the bottom sludge is drawn off from there by means of height adjustable suction pipes.
Both systems can be combined with a variety of different floating scum removal systems which can be optimally adapted to local installation conditions.

Passavant® Circular Scrapers in Munich, Germany