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Johnson Offshore Intake Systems and Passive Screens

Reliable Technologies powered by our brand Geiger

The Johnson Screens® high capacity passive intake screens are constructed using non-plugging VeeWire® with a patented internal flow modifier that creates a nearly uniform low velocity flow through the entire screen surface. This significantly reduces impingement and entrainment of debris while protecting aquatic life.

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Passive screens are designed to meet regulatory requirements for a maximum slot velocity of 0.15 m/s which is the maximum velocity at which a juvenile fish can turn around, swim away and not be impinged onto a passive screen. This, combined with a typical slot width range of 2 - 10 mm will determine the screen sizing. The large open area
and low velocities result in a very low headloss.

Key Features
• Low capital costs and no moving parts, and low maintenance needs
• Environmentally-friendly – this approach meets the EPA’s 316b regulations for fish protection
• No waste stream – there is no debris brought to the surface to be handled or disposed of
• Easy cleaning – with a periodic blast of compressed air using our Hydroburst™ system
• Non-plugging Vee-Wire®
• Three standard configurations – drum, tee and half screens
• Selection of materials available from 304 and 316L stainless steel for fresh water to Duplex and Super Duplex for seawater applications and Z-alloy (CuNi)
for repelling zebra mussel attachment and anti-bio fouling
• Dual-flow modifier – provides low and even slot velocity (CFD modelling is available on demand)