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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Secondary and Advanced Wastewater Treatment

Reliable Technologies powered by our brands Passavant® & Noggerath®

We provide solutions to enhance the process-and energy efficiency of wastewater treatment plants.


Our innovative Primary Sludge Filtration – the Passavant® CarbonExtract® process allows to omit primary clarifiers. This saves a lot of space and provides a filtration process downstream of headworks, thus allowing for anaerobic sludge digestion.

The key element of modern biological wastewater treatment plants are the activated sludge tanks with their aeration equipment. The renown Passavant® Aeration Systems / Mammutrotor® play a major role here, since they cater for an oxygen-rich environment and ensure that sludge and water are mixed efficiently

By means of our Aqualogic® Controller System the different, partly opposing individual processes within wastewater treatment plants are managed intelligently with the help of a holistic approach. This achieves highest cleaning performance and significantly reduces the energy consumption.
For an Advanced Wastewater Treatment we provide individual and unique solutions for the adaptation on existing plants and extensions.
The Passavant® hydrograv adapt® system optimizes final clarification in terms of hydraulics as well as phosphorus and COD discharge- a state-of-the-art concept that makes water clarification more efficient and saves on building of additional clarifiers.
Due to growing importance of micropollutants elimination such technologies can ideally be combined with activated carbon processes.

In addition, an elimination of trace substances, which are increasingly problematic for our ecosystems, is possible. With Passavant® Activated Carbon Dosing PAK or Passavant® Granular Activated Carbon Filtration GAC, micropollutants are largely removed by binding to powdered and granulated activated carbon.

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