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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Cloth Filtration

Pile cloth media filtration for advanced (quaternary) wastewater treatment

Unique Features

Advantages of the Passavant® cloth filtration at a glance:

  • advanced nutrient elimination due to removal of the finest sludge flocs
  • minimises activated carbon slippage
  • removal of microplastics down to 5µm size range 
  • protection of downstream GAC filters from performance-minimising solids
  • easy retrofitting due to low pressure loss
  • minimal maintenence due to MITA Water Technologies machinery


Due to the three-dimensional nature of the filtration, pile cloths have a higher efficiency and present advantages over conventional technologies, as they require less space than common sand filters and retain more solids than traditional (two-dimensional) microscreens. The Passavant® cloth filtration downstream of classic secondary clarification enables nutrient elimination, retention of activated carbon and microplastics, fulfilling the prerequisites for downstream treatment for water reuse.

Wastewater flows inwards through the filter cloths, and the filtered solids are retained in the outer surface (precoat filter). This results in a build-up that triggers cleaning of the filter cloths above a certain level. Cleaning is carried out by external suction. The filtrate is sucked back through the cloth on the  outer side, causing the fibers to straighten, allowing the adhered substances to be easily removed.