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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Overflow Screen

Reliable separation and filtration of solids in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants. Proven many times over for the protection of water or downstream processes.

Unique Features

  • Optimum solids retention and minimum hydraulic resistance
  • Automatic forced cleaning and free axial discharge
  • Low space requirement and maximum adaptation to local conditions
  • Easy maintenance due to bolted main components
  • No service water required

Suitable for the following markets


The Noggerath® Overflow Screens OVF and OVF-R are spiral screens with automatic forced cleaning of the screen surface. They are used in municipal or industrial wastewater treatment plants at overflow sills for bypass screening of discharge water quantities. The sieves consist of a semi-cylindrical perforated plate screen trough and an internal conveying or cleaning screw.
During operation, the liquid flows vertically along the entire length of the screen from top to bottom (OVF) or, in the case of the OVF-R (Reverse), from bottom to top through the screen surface. Hereby the solids are retained and conveyed to the discharge zone by the automatically operated screw. Brush segments mounted along the entire length of the screw ensure optimum cleaning of the radial screening surfaces and prevent the screenings from being pushed through the screen.

Noggerath® Overflow Screen

Noggerath® Overflow Screens for Filtration & Retention of Solids at Rain Overflow Basins/Combined Sewer Overflows