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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Activated Carbon Dosing

In order to reduce organic micropollutions in waste water, powdered activated carbon dosing can be used as a suitable methode for removing trace substances.

Unique Features

Further advantages of the Passavant® dosing system are:

  • Broad spectrum elimination of micropollutants (PFAS, hormons, medicals etc.)
  • Dosing proportional to concentration, adsorption or flow
  • Precise dosing through gravimetric proportioning scale (state-of-the-art technology by Passavant-Geiger)
  • Rretrofittable, allowing continued usage of existing infrastructure
  • Low maintenance requirement (approx. 1h/week)


When activated carbon in powder form is brought into contact with trace substances, the non-polar trace substances enter the macro- and micropore structure of the activated carbon via the porous surface and adsorptively accumulate on the pores. To increase the adsorption rate, the carbon mix is ground into powder form (grain size between 5 and 50 μm), known in specialist circles as PAC (powdered activated carbon). The loaded activated carbon can be removed in a downstream sedimentation and/or filter stage.

The content of trace substances in the wastewater can be reduced by approx. 85 - 90%. By mixing activated carbons of different origins (e.g. from fossil coal, charcoal, carbon from coconut shells or other carbon-containing materials), the elimination performance can be maximized.