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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Radial Eco Drive RED

The patented world innovation: The world‘s first drive on pulling discharge and conveying spirals with axially free discharge warrents a clogging-free discharge area.


The Noggerath® Radial Eco Drive RED with pressing zone and drainage is designed without drive elements in the discharge area and thus solves a crucial problem in wastewater treatment: The steadily
increasing proportion of non-decomposable long-fibered cellulose particles leads to the formation long ragged pigtails that wrap around the drive shaft and could finally often result in the complete clogging
of the discharge area. The patented innovation from Noggerath® reliably solves this problem and ensures a clogging-free discharge (Radial Eco Drive). The Noggerath® Radial Eco Drive RED is compatible
with all products of the Spiral Sieve, Rotary Drum Screen and Rotating Bar Screen family. Furthermore, it can be adapted to many other conveying spirals. Thus, Noggerath® offers the total solution for the spiral
screen and drum screen family: clogging-free infeed (even with large dimensions – Double Drive concept) as well as clogging-free discharge (Radial Eco Drive).




  • No clogging around the drive elements
  • No clogging of the discharge area
  • Adjustable back pressure flap to optimize dewatering
  • Optional screenings washout
  • Retrofittable to existing screening machines with spirals
  • Sieving, conveyance and dewatering of screenings with one machine (NSI, RSI-DD)