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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Rotary Drum Screen

With the Noggerath® Rotary Drum Screen RSI-DD, Aqseptence Group offers you a machine with a revolutionary double drive concept. 
Contrary to the conventional technology, the sieve drum and the spiral conveyor are driven independently. This allows for a drum design in the inlet area without a suspended rotary arm. 
The inlet zone is permanently open and offers great benefits not for the incoming solids only, but also for the head loss.

Unique Selling Point

  • The screw conveyor for capture and transport of the solids retained are equipped with suitable brushes in the sieving zone to clean the drainage area in the conveyor. The brushes are made in segments, bolted on the spiral, allowing an easy replacement of the worn pieces only.
  • Easy and fast maintenance and thus low costs due to bolted main parts of the unit

Double drive:

  • The rotation of the drum is independent of the rotation of the spiral
  • Due to the independent drive, the screenings can be run empty in the hopper of the conveyor trough.

Open drum inlet Zone:

  • free inflow of the Screenings
  • without rotary arm low head loss
  •  no entangling


Noggerath® Rotary Drum Screen RSI-DD is a combined machine consisting of a screen, a spiral conveyor and compactor. The rotary drum is installed at an angle of 35° in the channel. 

Solids in the incoming flow larger than the screen opening size collect on the inner surface of the drum, causing a gradual blinding. At a predetermined upstream level the screen drum and screw conveyor starts rotating independently. The sedimented solids rotate upwards with the drum, where they drop gravitationally into a conveyor trough located in the center of the drum supported by a spray bar. There they are caught by the spiral and transported up to the press zone. During the rotation the spiral brushes removes the solids from the inner surface of drainage zone. In the press zone the screenings are conveyed, compacted and dewatered prior to disposal or further treatment.

Istanbul-Ataköy STP, Turkey

Istanbul-Ataköy STP, Turkey MBR protection with revolutionary double drive system for rotating drum screen components