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Rotary Drum Screen

The compact system with proven double drive concept. The screen drum and screw/spiral conveyor are driven independently of each other, eliminating the need for a rotating arm in the inlet area.

Unique Features

  • Rotation of the drum independent of the rotation of the screw/spiral
  • Free inflow of screenings through inlet area without rotating arm
  • Screenings can be run empty in the hopper of the conveyor trough independent of the drum
  • Drive unit on the screenings conveyor with axially free discharge, thus blockage-free discharge (RSI-DD-RED)
  • Easy maintenance due to best accessibility to the drive engines
  • High capture rate of solids
  • Compact design and low space requirement


The Noggerath® Drum Screen RSI-DD / RSI-DD-RED is characterized by the fact that, in contrast to conventional technology, the screen drum and screenings transport are driven independently of each other. This eliminates the need for a rotating arm in the inlet zone, which greatly simplifies both operation and maintenance. Furthermore, the complete emptying of the conveyor trough can be realized independently of the drum.

During operation, the solids are retained by the inner drum screen surface, resulting in a gradual occupation of the screen surface. At a predefined level of wastewater, the screen drum and Conveyor system are set in rotation and thus the separated solids are transported upwards. Supported by an installed washing system, the solids fall down into a hopper. The washing system and a brush support the cleaning of the screening drum. A second drive causes the spiral/screw conveyor to rotate independently of the drum rotation and transports the screenings to the pressing zone. Here the screenings are dewatered, compressed and discharged for further treatment. In the RED version, the drive of the conveying system is designed as a drive unit with axially free discharge. This drive concept allows a discharge area without drive elements and thus solves the central problem of the formation of screenings and blockages in the discharge area.

The RSI-DD-T / RSI-DD-T-RED is the container version and is typically used for pump feeding.

Noggerath® Inclined Rotary Drum Screens RSI-DD

Istanbul-Ataköy STP, Turkey MBR protection with revolutionary double drive system for rotating drum screen components