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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Grit Treatment, Sewer Grit Receiving Stations

Reliable Technologies powered by our brand Noggerath®

Passavant-Geiger grit classifias and grit washers are utilised to reduce the water content, or respectively the organic content, in wastewater treatment processes and thus contribute to both cost effectiveness and the protection of the environment.

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The rise in waste disposal costs is forcing the operators of sewage networks, wastewater treatment plants and industrial enterprises to separate reusable materials from waste materials. Our compact and robustly constructed grit classifias and grit washers, for the treatment of grit trap screenings and sewer deposits, offer the possibility to sattle the septic waste of today into a hygienically safe commodity of tomorrow. These installations are characterised by a high degree of individuality, which is determined by the wide differences in the respective process media, catchment areas and recycling paths.