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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Rotating Bar Screen RBS-DD
Septage Receiving Station RBS-SRS

Separation of solids or contraries from a liquid phase, including conveying of screenings, compaction and discharge for further disposal. With the Noggerath® Rotating Bar Screen RBS the Aqseptence Group offers a compact system for automatic waste water treatment.


The process- or waste water enters the bar screen frontally, which is installed in 35° inclined arrangement and can be set up in a channel or a tank. The solids carried in the waste water get stuck on the bars of the rack inside the drum and induce an accumulation of the waste water. Once the upstream water level or differential level reaches a pre-set height, the screen will automatically enter a cleaning cycle.
During the cleaning cycle the rotating rake lifts the collected solids to the upper vertex and drops it into the centrically arranged spiral press. This discharge movement is supported by the spray bar, which flushes off captured solids, furthermore an additional cleaning comb removes all remaining residues. The screenings are transported, washed, drained and compacted, whereby the volume will be reduced by 70% and a degree of dryness of about 35-40% or more can be achieved (depends on the screenings).
An additional washing device can be installed in the pressing zone in accordance with the requirements for organic washout. The Noggerath® rotating bar screen RBS can be mounted in open concrete channel or integrated into a hygienically encapsulated stainless steel container (e.g. septage receiving station).


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