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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Rotary Drum Screen RSI

The fine screening of wastewater in channel or tank with a perforated or wedgewire screen or a mesh covering – including subsequent screenings conveyance, dewatering, compacting and discharge


Noggerath® Rotary Drum Screen RSI is a combined machine consisting of a screen, a spiral conveyor and compactor. The rotary drum is installed at an angle of 35° in the channel. 

Solids in the incoming flow larger than the screen opening size collect on the inner surface of the drum, causing a gradual blinding. At a predetermined upstream level the screen drum and screw conveyor starts rotating independently. The sedimented solids rotate upwards with the drum, where they drop gravitationally into a conveyor trough located in the center of the drum supported by a spray bar. There they are caught by the spiral and transported up to the press zone. During the rotation the spiral brushes removes the solids from the inner surface of drainage zone. In the press zone the screenings are conveyed, compacted and dewatered prior to disposal or further treatment.