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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Vertical Sieve Screen

Reliably protects downstream pumps, thus improving performance and operational reliability of sewers. Ideal for installation in pump sumps, underground chambers and pump stations.

Unique Features

  • Compact unit for fine screening, transport, washing and dewatering
  • Simple conversion or retrofitting of existing plants
  • Complete stainless steel hygienic encapsulation
  • No underwater bearing
  • Quick and easy installation


The Noggerath® Vertical Spiral Sieve NSI-V is a compact unit for a variety of functions. It is used not only for fine screening of wastewater, but also for vertical conveying, washing, dewatering, compacting and discharge of the screenings.
Operation: The wastewater flows through the screen basket from the inside to the outside, retaining the solids. Thus, a solids layer is continuously formed on the screen basket surface, reducing the free flow and increasing the water level in the screen. A level measuring unit automatically starts and stops the drive of the spiral screen.

After starting, the solids are conveyed to the press zone where a volume reduction of approximately 40% or higher can be achieved. Cleaning brushes mounted in the lower part of the spiral clean the screen basket surface.