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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Wash Press NWP
Screenings Press NSP

Simple, flexible and versatile:
The Noggerath® Wash Press NWP / Screenings Press NSP has proven its performance worldwide and can also be easily integrated into existing plants.

Unique Features

  • Reduction of wear costs due to modular design
  • Good accessibility for maintenance and inspection
  • Standard design with sturdy slotted bottom brushless self-cleaning
  • Screw made of wear-resistant special steel
  • Increase of organic material in the wastewater treatment plant
  • Weight reduction of the raw screening up to 80%
  • Dry solids content of the washed screening up to 47%


Design sizes & performance

max. output capacity [m³/h]

size parallel shaft gear bevel gear
200 1.5 1.5
250 2.3 3.
300 3.5 3.7
400 5.3 7.7
500 7.5 10.0



The Noggerath® Wash Press NWP / Screenings Press NSP combines our extensive know-how for applications in municipalities and industry. Especially in terms of flexibility and cost-effectiveness, the machines take a special position due to their modular design.

The drainage bottoms for static dewatering are available in different variants, so that screen size and dewatering capacity can be adapted to all local conditions.

In the feed area, the raw screenings are statically dewatered, then in the washing area, the fecal matter is broken up and washed out. In the pressing area, the material is compacted, further dewatered and forced through the friction pipe. The weight of the raw screenings can be reduced by up to 80%, while the dry solids content of the washed screenings is up to 47%.

Noggerath® Centre-Flo™ CF & Screening Wash Press NWP

The optimum machine solution for existing inlets to wastewater treatment plants. Mechanical pretreatment