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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Wash Press NWP
Screenings Press NSP

The Noggerath® Screening Wash Press NSP / NWP can be integrated in a versatile and flexible manner, even into existing plants. The technology has been continuously improved since Noggerath®'s first screenings washer was supplied. 
Due to the large number of machines already in operation - Aqseptence Group has gained extensive knowledge and experience concerning their application in both municipal and industrial installations.

Unique Features

  •     Tried and tested design with high performance and low operating costs
  •     Reduction of wear costs due to individually replaceable modules (optional)
  •     Continuous, self-cleaning and sturdy slotted bottom, no necessity for wear rails
  •     Brushless screw made of wear-resistant special steel with double blade thickness on the last     screw flight by using a slotted trough
  •     Significantly improved drainage efficiency in the slotted bottom
  •     Variably adjustable pressing force (optional)


The material, which is introduced via the infeed section, is taken up by the conveying screw and pushed in the direction of the wash and compacting section. The slotted or perforated bottom of the conveyor section enables a static dewatering of the medium. In the washing section the faeces are broken up and washed out. In the compacting section the material is compacted, dewatered further and pushed through the friction pipe.

Warthausen STP

Centre-Flo™ CF Installation - Inspired by Nature