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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Combined Unit

The Noggerath® Combined Unit TOP replaces the entire headworks of a conventional wastewater treatment plant and includes fine screening, dewatering of screening and grit separation with the option of fat, oil and grease (FOG) removal. Noggerath® Combined Units are available in non-aerated or aerated designs for installation above-ground or in channels. They are combined with a wide range of screens such as, for example, step screens, fine sieves and rotary drum screens.

Unique Features

  • Mechanical pre-treatment within a low footprint
  • Low requirements for civil engineering
  • Complete hygienic stainless steel encapsulation
  • No bearing in contact with the effluent
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Residues separated into screenings, settling solids and floating solids
  • High quality and reliability at low cost: grease removal operates independently from the water level


Pumped or by gravity the wastewater enters in the screen section where coarse solids are removed from the effluent, washed, compacted and dewatered prior to being discharged into a container. Then the screened effluent discharges into a wider tank section for grit and sand sedimentation. The grit is conveyed to a grit classifier optionally and can be further washed prior to disposal into a Container. The TOP range includes two variants: TOP and TOP-F. TOP integrates two treatment sections: a screening and a grit/sand separation section. The TOP-F range incorporates the TOP sections plus a further treatment section for FOG removal. Both variants may be fitted with air diffusers for improved separation of attached organic content from the grit and sand particles. With the TOP-F, this will effect flotation of FOG which can be removed and disposed of into a separate container or transported by pump.

Helgoland, Germany

Noggerath® Compact Unit Combi 1400FF - Wastewater Treatment on the Island of Helgoland, Germany