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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Noggerath® Compact Unit Combi

Helgoland, Germany

Noggerath® Compact Unit Combi 1400FF - Wastewater Treatment on the Island of Helgoland, Germany


The high seas island of Helgoland has had its own sewage treatment plant since the late 1980s, which was operated as a continuous flow reactor. The plant was no longer able to meet all requirements of a modern wastewater treatment plant and also had severe structural defects.
In addition, large seasonal fluctuations have to be covered, as the island receives approx. 350,000 visitors per annum - mainly during the summer season. In 2019, after the clearance of explosive ordnance, the construction of the new wastewater treatment plant on the island of Helgoland began with a capacity of 6,150 PE. The mechanical pre-treatment has been realized by the Noggerath® Compact Unit. The pre-treatment was put into operation in December 2020.


The solution is the Noggerath® Compact Unit made of stainless steel, which has been installed above ground in modular design and covers all cleaning steps of a mechanical pre-treatment within one machine.
2 Passavant® Fine Screens with subsequent screenings treatment including dewatering and transport are installed on the grit trap. Due to a grit trap aeration, the grease enters the integrated grease trap and is collected separately. The sedimented grit is conveyed to a Noggerath® Grit Washer, which separates the organic matter from the grit, dewaters the grit and discharges it.


December 2020

Technical Data

Overall dimensions of the Compact Unit (Data approx.)

Lenght Width Height Total weight Operating weight
7,900 mm 2,450 mm 4,350 mm 4,660 kg 19,260 kg




Products Type Performance Dimensions other Data
2x Passavant®
Fine Screens
Step Screens in redundant installation max. Flowrate: 50 l/s at 40% blinding per screen Gap width: 3 mm -
Noggerath® Screenings Wash Press  NWP 250 - - Dry substance of the treated screenings 35-45%
Grit Trap walkable - Grit removal capacity: 50 l/s: 90% for particle size >0.2 mm


5,200 x 1,400 mm

Grease Trap walkable - -


5,200 x 400 mm
with separate grease trap

Noggerath® Grit Washer, dry fed GW 400 Throughput capacity: 400 l/h washed grit - Loss on ignition < 3%, Dry matter content > 90%


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