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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Grit Classifier

Separation of grit, sand or other settleable solids from liquids for the recovery of recyclable matter or for the avoidance of sedimentations and downstream operational problems.

The Noggerath® Grit Classifier GS has been successfully employed in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants for many years in processes involving the solid/liquid separation of sand/water mixtures. 
Our separator system has achieved excellent results for the separation of rejects within a wide range of industrial process water cycles.

Unique Features

  • Low maintenance due to simple and robust stainless steel construction
  • High operational reliability - no pigtailing or clogging
  • Low operating costs due to direct drive with low power consumption
  • Low wear and tear due to low rotational speed
  • High capture rate of solids


The reject/water mixture, which is to be separated, is pumped into the settling tanks. The inlet area is designed to minimise turbulences which negatively affect the separation process. The flow is directed in such a way that an optimal separation of the sediments and the floating matter is assured. Due to the inclination of the walls of the settling tank, the sinking matter is directed into the spiral conveyor prior to being discharged into a container or conveyed for disposal.