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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Spiral Sieve

Noggerath® Spiral Sieve NSI is ranked among the best machines of their kind in the world. The liquid flows into the sieve basket, which is open on the inlet side. Solids with a larger diameter than the hole/gap width are retained. A continuous layer of solids is therefore formed on the surface of the screen, reducing free passage through it and causing the level of the liquid upstream of the screen casing to rise.


Compact, robust, suitable for indoor and outdoor use: quality and versatility make the spiral sieve of the NSI series the best-selling machines of their kind in the world.
The established product for fine screening of wastewater in the tank version. Fine screening, conveying and discharge of the screenings in one unit – including compacting and dewatering in the NSI version.


  • Fine screening and dewatering in one unit
  • Drive unit on the pulling discharge spiral with axially free discharge, thus blockage-free discharge (NSI-RED)
  • Easy retrofitting, no bed drop
  • Completely hygienic stainless steel encapsulation
  • No service water required in the pressing zone
  • High operational reliability