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With the Noggerath® Band Screen Centre-Flo™ CF Aqseptence Group offers you an efficient and space saving screening solution with a revolutionary drive concept. Contrary to the conventional technology, the Center-Flo™ CF has a chainless drive with shaft and pinion on the clean outside of the screen belt. The screen belt geometry enables the best capture rate of screenings. Clean side and dirty side strictly separated, and so a “taking over” effect of solids on the clean water side is excluded. Innovative screening elements, such as the perforated screening element, which is multi head drilled, or the nature-inspired honeycomb screening element generate extremely high open area (up to 90%) and thus reduce the operating headloss and enable significantly higher throughput. The modular design of the band screen allows optimized design to suit the channel depth, flow rate and operating levels. The Centre-Flo™ CF band screen can also be designed to incorporate a rear by-pass gate that will allow by-passing in the absence of a by-pass weir upstream of the unit.

Unique Selling Point

  • Drive unit mounted on the clean outside of the screen belt, no impurity on drive elements, good accessibility during maintenance
  • Drive and guidance without chains, wear-resistant, ease of maintenance
  • Honeycomb screening element with extremely high open area of up to 90%
  • Individually exchangeable screening elements without connecting parts (click-in-groove)
  • Low maintenance, with few wearing parts and good accessibility
  • Integrated emergency overflow in the rear plate
  • Integrated screenings washing press possible, small footprint


The Noggerath® Band Screen Centre-Flo™ CF is installed vertically in the channel.  The water enters the in-line, in-channel semi-submerged screen undergoing a 90-degree change in direction as it flows through the screen. Solids captured by the screen will gradually accumulate in the panels and eventually the upstream water level will increase. On reaching the set operating water level, the screen rotates until the low operating water level is reached.  The band screen can be operated using upstream water level detection, or the unit can be operated using differential water level between upstream and downstream. The screenings captured by the screen are carried by lifters and deposited into a trough installed near the top of the unit.  Wash water is used to help remove the screenings from the screen panel.  Fluming water is used in the trough to push the screenings onto the screenings handling system.

Warthausen STP

Centre-Flo™ CF Installation - Inspired by Nature