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With the Noggerath® Band Screen Centre-Flo™ CF Aqseptence Group offers you an efficient and space saving screening solution with a revolutionary drive concept. Contrary to the conventional technology, the Center-Flo™ CF has a chainless drive with shaft and pinion on the clean outside of the screen belt. The screen belt geometry enables the best capture rate of screenings. Clean side and dirty side strictly separated, and so a “taking over” effect of solids on the clean water side is excluded. Innovative screening elements, such as the perforated screening element, which is multi head drilled, or the nature-inspired honeycomb screening element generate extremely high open area (up to 90%) and thus reduce the operating headloss and enable significantly higher throughput. The modular design of the band screen allows optimized design to suit the channel depth, flow rate and operating levels. The Centre-Flo™ CF band screen can also be designed to incorporate a rear by-pass gate that will allow by-passing in the absence of a by-pass weir upstream of the unit.

Unique Features

  • Highest separation capacity available on the market
  • Best available hydraulic performance
  • Drive system on the clean side of the screen, thus free discharge area without drive element
  • Chainless low-wear drive
  • Low maintenance due to few wear parts
  • Excellent for retrofitting into existing channels


The Centre-Flo™, unlike conventional technology, has a chainless drive with shaft and pinion on the outside of the screen belt. The clean and dirty sides of the belt are strictly separated, eliminating the "transfer" of solids to the clean side. The patented, nature-inspired honeycomb screen elements enable a significantly higher throughput. Due to the modular design of the screen, the system is highly flexible and can be optimally adapted to channel depth, flow rate and water levels. The cleaning cycle, which starts automatically at an individually definable level, keeps the entire system clean at all times and ensures optimum function and performance.

Warthausen STP

Centre-Flo™ CF Installation - Inspired by Nature