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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Noggerath® Centre-Flo™ CF & Noggerath® Screenings Wash Press NWP

Warthausen, Germany

Centre-Flo™ CF Installation in Warthausen, Germany - Inspired by Nature


At the Warthausen wastewater treatment plant, the existing fine screening system with a capacity of 750 l/s per channel was in need of refurbishment.
The 2 installed inclined drum screens with a gap width of 7 mm did not provide sufficient screening of solids and fibres for the following treatment stages.
The customer's requirement was to achieve as complete as possible a removal of screenings. During the planning phase it became apparent that, taking into account the hydraulic and structural conditions, screens or sieves of classic, well-known design could not be integrated.


The decision was made in favour of the newly developed Noggerath® Band Screen Centre-Flo™ CF, which was designed with filter elements in honeycomb structure and 5mm hex perforation. This increases the free screening area to 90%, thus meeting the hydraulic requirements. The entire fine screening system is also extremely economical in terms of space and easy to install.
In combination with a Noggerath® Screenings Wash Press NWP with its unique, stable slotted bottom and the resulting fast dewatering at a very high dewatering level, this installation provides the perfect combination in the inlet works for the future. The installed machines of Noggerath® have been running absolutely trouble-free and to the utmost satisfaction of the customer since October 2019.
Shortly after commissioning, the operator reported an improvement in the flow behaviour of the primary sludge from the primary clarification and no suspended solids on the water surface. Compared to the previous installation with inclined drum screen, the discharge of the screenings has increased from 1 m³ per week to 5-7 m³ per week. Due to the fine screening the smallest particles such as hair, paper and plastic particles are separated very reliably. The externally placed spray bar ensures a high targeted cleaning of the honeycomb filter elements.

Technical Data

Products Quantity Type Flow rate Details
Band Screen
2 CF 900-1800-5 hex per Screen: 750 l/s

Channel width: 1840 mm

Channel depth: 1300 mm

Screenings Wash Press
1 NWP 300/2600 4,5 m³/h Hopper with buffer volume


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