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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Coarse and Fine Screens

Reliable Technologies powered by our brands Passavant® & Noggerath®

Passavant-Geiger supplies the entire range screening systems. Bar screens with grab cleaner, climber screens and revolving chain screens have proved to be highly successful in coarse screening processes.

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As the first stage of the inlet works / headworks, coarse screens are employed to retain coarse solids and thus protect all further downstream treatment stages. The individual design of the bar rack enables a high cleaning performance and even coarse or bulky screenings, such as stones or wood, can be reliably removed. As the gap widths are designed in graduations, our coarse screens can also be utilised for fine screening.
The coarse screen systems supplied by our top quality brands Passavant® and Noggerath® are employed in the separation of heavy screenings upstream of pump stations and in the inlet areas of wastewater treatment plants. Our Passavant® Shut-Off Devices are also suitable here, for the adjustment of water volumes and the protection of the plant during overhauls.