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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Multi-Rake Bar Screen

Passavant Multi-Rake Bar Screen KUR-Defender

The Passavant® Multi-Rake Bar Screen KUR-Defender has been successfully tried and tested in the process technologies of wastewater treatment plants. The application of state-of-the-art laser cutting and 3D folding technology is the key to its production-optimised lightweight construction.

Unique Features

  • Gap widths possible up to min. 6 mm
  • Low maintenance, low wear and tear due to:
    maintenance-free stainless steel roller chain – no bearing below the waterline – cleaning without brush
  • Bottom guides in S.S. material:
    no bearing in contact with the effluent
  • Lateral guides in HDPE high density:
    chain always in axe with the frame – cleaning rakes always aligned on the axe of chain
  • Removable panel bars:
    each single bar can be removed separately
  • Removable cleaning rakes:

    each cleaning rake is bolted to the chain and can be removed for maintenance


The screen panel exposed to the wastewater flow consists of parallel bars and is directly bolted to the channel. The solids being present in the wastewater are captured on the surface of this barrack when effluent is passing through. Removal of the solids is effected by rakes with teeth laterally mounted to revolving roller chains which run in chain guide assemblies and transport the screenings to the discharge chute. Due to its frameless design the Passavant® Multi-Rake Bar Screen KUR-Defender has very good hydraulic properties. A reverse chain mode simplifies maintenance and clogging monitoring.