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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Multi-Rake Bar Screen

Successful use in wastewater treatment plant and pumping station operation: Coarse and fine screening ensure thorough removal of solids.

Unique Features

  • Reverse chain mode for easy maintenance and removal of possible blockages
  • Dual function: coarse and fine screening in one machine (on the KUR-Defender Duo)
  • Gap widths up to a minimum of 6 mm
  • Individual removal of screen bars and cleaning rakes
  • Low maintenance, low wear


A frameless bar rack for good hydraulics, a revolutionary screen concept for thorough cleaning: The Passavant® Multi-Rake Bar Screen KUR-Defender retains large solids through the coarse screen and removes smaller particles on the fine screen grate surface through cleaning rakes. The rotating rakes, which are guided through a screen grate by means of roller chains, are individually bolted and can therefore also be dismantled individually. Safe operation is ensured by the maintenance-free stainless steel roller chains. These also allow for easy removal of blockages due to reverse running.