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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Passavant® Grit Chamber Scrapers

For new buildings or existing plants:
The long-lasting technology clears sedimented grit and floating matter such as oil and grease, thus preventing technical problems.

Unique Features

  • Developed on the basis of many years of industry experience in design and manufacturing
  • Robust and reliable, with a long life cycle and long-term spare parts availability
  • For heavy-duty clearing and trouble-free winter operation, Passavant clearers are designed with forced drive (rack and rail)
  • Can be used in connection with grit chamber covers without any problems


The Passavant® scraper bridge spans one or more side-by-side longitudinal basins. The scraper blades push the grit against the direction of flow into a sump at the bottom of the basin, while the grit suction scraper conveys the settled grit directly from the tank bottom into a lateral collection channel by means of a submersible motor pump or compressed air lift.
Floatables are generally cleared with the direction of flow to the outlet end of the grit chamber and are discharged into a floatables chamber or grease trap via an overflow ramp or by means of weir penstock.