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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Rotary Drum Screen

The Noggerath® Rotary Drum Screen RSH-E is a tried and tested continuously operating screening system with an automatic cleaning device which reliably separates floating, greasy and sticky solids.

Unique Features

  •     Low operational and maintenance costs
  •     Integrated spiral press optional
  •     Automatic doctor blade cleaning optional
  •     Compact, well-designed construction: integrated emergency overflow - full encapsulation prevents dripping water loss


The process water or wastewater enters the screen via the headbox, overflowing onto the wedgewire screen drum where solids are effectively separated. The separated solids are then transported through the wedge-wire screen drum to the solids scraper blade the continuous gentle rotation of the screen drum. Screened solids are then dropped into a dumpster, screening wash press, compactor or conveyor. The rotary screening drum is driven by a side-mounted geared motor. An internal water spraying system is integrated into the screening drum.