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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Rotary Drum Screen

The reliable, continuously operating screening system for the separation of floating, greasy and sticky solids. Proven in use in both the municipal and industrial sectors.

Unique Features

  • Low operating and maintenance costs
  • Compact design with integrated emergency overflow and full encapsulation (prevents drip water losses)
  • Integrated spiral press optional (RSH-E/D)
  • Automatic doctor blade cleaning optional


The Noggerath® Drum Screen RSH-E is the reliable solution for separation and discharge of floating, greasy and sticky solids. Whether further disposal or recovery of recyclables is desired - numerous municipals and industrial companies (especially food industry and slaughterhouses) trust this proven system.

In operation, the process or waste water is fed backwards via the inlet chamber onto the wedge wire drum, where the solids are effectively separated. Then the separated solids are transported by constant rotation to the solids scraper, where they fall into a solids container, press, or conveyor.