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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Spiral Conveyor

The long-lasting solution for municipal wastewater treatment plants as well as industrial plants: quick and easy to maintain thanks to shaftless spiral and available in lengths of up to 30 meters.

Unique Features

  • Quick and easy installation, low operating costs
  • High operational reliability and nor risk of blockage
  • Simple and fast maintenance
  • Long service life of spiral and wear lining


The Noggerath® Spiral Conveyors SC / SCT have been used for many years with great success as transport devices. In doing so, they convey the most diverse types of waste without clogging. The heart of the system is a shaftless spiral whose own weight is distributed evenly over the entire length of the carrier, which considerably minimizes wear. The material to be conveyed is fed via a hopper, picked up by the spiral and transported further in the trough. The material is discharged either vertically downwards or axially out of the trough.
The product is also available as a twin or multiple spiral conveyor and as a vertical conveyor in tubular design.