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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Spiral Conveyor

Blockage-free transport of dry, moist, wet, pasty, sticky, powdered, coarse or abrasive materials.

The Noggerath® Spiral Conveyor SC / SCT has been employed, with great success, as a transport device in municipal wastewater treatment plants and in a wide range of industrial applications for many years. Aqseptence Group has over 25 years of experience in the production, design and operation of spirals and spiral conveying systems, for both horizontal and vertical conveyance.

Unique Features

  • Fast and easy installation
  • Low operating costs due to light energy consumption
  • High operational reliability
  • Pushing design: no risk of blockage also for materials with a tendency to pigtail
    Fast and simple maintenance: bearing of spiral at drive end, only
  • Long service life for spirals and wear lining due to shaftless spiral with its weight evenly distributed over the entire length


Heart of the Noggerath® Spiral Conveyor is the shaftless spiral which rotates in a conveyor trough and is guided by its geometry. The material is usually fed through a hopper into the trough, where it is taken up by the spiral and transported along the trough. The material can optionally be discharged out of the trough either vertically downwards or axially. Due to the shaftless spiral without any intermediate bearings, the units can be supplied up to 30 meters length and convey several types of waste without any blockage.