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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Cable Operated Bar Screen

The Passavant® Cable Operated Bar Screen COB, is used for coarse or fine screening for the mechanical pre-treatment of wastewater.

Unique Features

  • Its robust design and high loading capacity makes it particularly suitable for heavy screening removal tasks.
  • It is an outstanding solution due to its high cleaning performance and its intelligent PLC control system.
  • As the cleaning process can be repeated as often as necessary in any position, the machine is able to efficiently remove bulky screenings, sand deposited in front of the screen, or screenings trapped between the screen bars, which impede the downward movement.
  • Numerous references worldwide and over 50 years of operating experiences.
  • Long-term spare parts availability.


As soon as the drive of the COB is activated, the cleaning starts in order to adjust a difference in water levels which has resulted from a build-up of screenings in the bar rack. By rope suspension on three cables the grab cleaner is lowered to the screen bars in an open position. When it reaches the channel bottom it swings into the screen bars. 
During the cleaning cycle the screenings are collected, transported to the discharge position and then pushed by the scraper device into the container, conveyor belt, etc. The screenings cleaning cycle is repeated until the difference in water levels has been adjusted. The grab cleaner then returns to the parking position above the operation floor.

Passavant® Deep Pumping Station South Jeddah, KSA