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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Cable Operated Bar Screen

Many references worldwide with over 50 years of operating experience: The Passavant® Cable Operated Bar Screen COB is used as a coarse or fine screen for the mechanical pre-treatment of wastewater.

Unique Features

  • Robust design and high load capacity, ideal for particularly heavy clearing tasks
  • High cleaning performance
  • Intelligent PLC control system
  • Efficient removal of screenings and deposits by repeating the cleaning process in any position as often as required
  • Long-term spare parts availability


The cleaning process of the Passavant® Cable Operated Bar Screen COB begins when the drive is activated in order to balance out the different water levels. These are caused by the build-up of screenings in the bar rack. The grab cleaner is lowered on wire ropes in an open position. When it reaches the bottom of the channel, it swings into the screen bars.

During the cleaning cycle, the screenings are collected, transported to the discharge position and then pushed by the scraper device into a container, onto a conveyor belt or similar. This process is repeated until the different water levels have equalised again. The grab cleaner then returns to the parking position above the operating floor.

Passavant® Cable-Operated Bar Screen COB & Passavant® Shut-Off Devices