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Travelling Band Screens and MultiDisc®
Travelling Water Screens High-Capacity Drum Screens

Reliable Technologies powered by our brand Geiger

For decades, Geiger® fine screening machines have been successfully implemented on a global scale in the water intake structures of power plants, petrochemical plants, desalination, LNG, pulp & paper, potable water, irrigation and other processing plants. One of our main features is the high throughput capacity with reduced channel sizes.

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Looking for a completely new concept and in view of modern requirements, we developed the renowned Geiger® MultiDisc® screen which has been successfully
installed hundreds of times worldwide.

The advantages of Geiger® MultiDisc® are:

  • Its compact design allowing significant cost reductions in civil structure volume
  • Its fast and simple plug-in installation
  • Its low operating costs:
  • a) Only one maintenance-friendly bar chain
  • b) Easy maintenance; mesh panels can be changed at operator’s floor level (no need for channel dewatering)
  • Lower head loss: water only passes through the screen once
  • Optional fish protection (EPA clean Water act – section 316b pre-approved technology) – intensive and efficient cleaning of the mesh panels
  • Zero carry-over of debris to the clean water side
  • Shorter channels

Executed projects have proven that the Geiger® Multi-Disc® can be retrofitted into existing water intake structures within 24 hours, including removal of the old through-
flow band screen, installation of the Geiger® MultiDisc® and commissioning. Both the Geiger® MultiDisc® and our Travelling Band screens are available project-specifically with plastic or stainless steel mesh ranging from 0.2 – 10 mm. Furthermore, for special applications we offer micro drum screens with a mesh size down to 15 microns.