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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Geiger® Dual-Flow (Out-to-In-Flow) Travelling Band Screens

For decades, Geiger® Dual-Flow (Out-to-In-Flow) Travelling Band Screens, have been operating successfully in the water intake systems of power stations, petrochemical plants and sea water desalination plants, steel works and other industrial plants all over the world.

Unique Features

  • Possible installation in self-supporting frame
  • High throughput and functional reliability
  • High quality Geiger® chains with polyamide rollers and option for cathodic corrosion protection by impressed current for seawater applications    


As the last cleaning stage at water intakes, finest mesh screening/filtration is essential to protect downstream equipment such as pumps and condensers from damage caused by debris and large sediments. 

The Geiger Dual-Flow Travelling Band Screen are installed along the water's flow direction with the open machine side showing to the main pumps. The raw/dirty water flows through the mesh panels from both/dual sides of the machine to the inside. After filtration of the raw water, the filtrated water exits the screen from the centre. Coarser screenings can be efficiently collected by carriers whereas the fine screenings sticking to the mesh panels are transported up to the collecting trough towards the operating floor. Both the coarse and fine screenings are completely cleaned by water jets from a wash water system. The collected debris thus can be discharged via a collection trough.

In comparison to the centre-flow (in-to-out-flow) travelling band screens or the famous Geiger MultiDisc® compact traveling water screens, with dual-flow band screens it might however occur that debris could accumulate on the channel floor below a machines.