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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Mechanical Pre-Teatment

Reliable Technologies powered by our brands Passavant® & Noggerath®

It is crucial for the subsequent purification and recycling processes, that solids are efficiently separated from industrial or municipal wastewater. Therefore, the Passavant-Geiger provides products, which can be ideally adapted to suit the respective requirements and conditions.


Our machines for the further processing of extracted (recyclable) materials present a sound overall concept for the first stage when employed in combination with our rakes and screens, conveying systems and shut-off devices.

The central task of the inlet works/headworks is the separation of coarse solids such as rocks, wood, foliage, sanitary products, toilet paper, etc. and also sand and grease. Reliable pre-treatment of the wastewater is crucial for all subsequent treatment processes. Blockages and obstructions are prevented in downstream biological and/or physical processes and the general strain on the plant is eased.

The optimal adjustment of screen gap widths and sieve hole diameters are of particular significance here. For a convincing “screening result” in municipal and industrial applications, these must be perfectly tuned to the respective medium, volume of flow and local installation conditions. Reliable conveying systems and shut-off devices ensure the intake/discharge and transport of water and substances.
Passavant-Geiger can deliver individual components or develop complete solutions which are tailored to your specific needs.