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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Rotary Drum Screen

The all-rounder in municipal wastewater treatment plants and in industry. In daily use for more than 25 years – robust, reliable and cost-efficient.

Unique Features

  • Continuous operation and protective handling of the solids
  • Internal loading and high solids loads
  • Complete stainless steel encapsulation
  • Axial guiding trunnion stabilizes bowl position
  • Direct drive of the drum (optional for many variants)


The Noggerath® Rotary Drum Screen RSH-I was originally developed for the paper industry, but due to its versatility it is now in continuous use in many branches of industry: plastics recycling companies, fruit and vegetable producers, wood processors, but also breweries, the sugar industry and the glass fiber industry appreciate the reliability of the system.

Operation: The wastewater enters the headbox via the inlet flange. There, the flow velocity is reduced and the solids in the water are evenly distributed. The liquid reaches the inside of the rotating horizontal screening drum via the lateral weirs. This tangential feeding leads to self-cleaning of the screen surface.
The solids remain in the drum and are transported through the drum by the webs attached to the inner surface and are statically dewatered in the process. The filtrate flows downwards.

Noggerath® Optimal Sewer Grit Treatment