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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Spiral Compactor

Conveying, dewatering and compacting of sieving and screening material in one system - flexible, hard-wearing, reliable: Size, length and installation angle can be optimally adapted to local conditions, the shaftless spiral transports even troublesome material.

Unique Features

  • Economical and compact: conveying and dewatering in one system
  • Easy and quick maintenance, due to single conveying element
  • Heavy-duty spiral with insert design
  • Fully encapsulated system
  • Flexible installation and easy integration into existing plants


The Noggerath® Spiral Compactor SCD can transport, dewater and compact even fibrous or sandy materials, sludge and other substances reliably and without clogging. In the process, the solids pass through a hopper into a U-shaped conveying trough, where they are picked up by the conveying spiral and transported further.
The spiral ends in a perforated or wedge-wire screen, which is used for dewatering. With the aid of the spring-loaded back pressure flap at the discharge, the pressed material forms a friction plug and is compressed and dewatered at the same time.