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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Rotary Drum Screen

Two revolutionary concepts in one machine: A double filter system provides both pre-screening and fine screening, and the screen drum and screw/spiral conveyor are driven independently of each other.

The result: free feed inlet and easier maintenance.

Unique Features

  • Double filter protects and improves the effect of the fine filter
  • Rotation of the drum independent of the rotation of the screw/piral
  • Free inflow of screenings through inlet area without rotating arm
  • Screenings can be run empty in the hopper of the conveyor trough independent of the drum
  • Easy maintenance due to best access to the drive engines
  • High capture rate of solids


Two revolutionary concepts are combined in the Noggerath® Rotary Drum Screen RSI-DF. On the one hand the combination of pre-screening and fine screening in one machine, on the other hand the independent drive of the screen drum and screenings transport. You benefit from an improved filtering function and enormous ease of maintenance, because the inlet is designed without a rotating arm and therefore cannot be clogged by larger solids. Furthermore, the complete emptying of the conveyor trough can be realized independently of the drum.

During operation, the flow first passes through the conical pre-filter before further solids are retained by the inner drum screen surface. The separated solids are transported upwards. Supported by an installed washing system, the solids fall down into a hopper. The washing system and a brush support the cleaning of the screening drum. A second drive causes the spiral/screw conveyor to rotate independently of the drum rotation and transports the screenings to the pressing zone. In the press zone, the screenings are dewatered, compressed and discharged for further treatment.