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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Multi-Rake Bar Screen

The successor to the proven KUR offers high quality, economic efficiency and excellent cleaning performance.

Unique Features

  • Exact meshing of the teeth in the bar rack due to alignment guide system
  • Automatic stripping device by means of stripping ledge
  • Reverse operation to remove obstacles in the bar rack
  • No bearings below the waterline
  • Low maintenance and wear


The Passavant® Multi-Rake Bar Screen KUR-C / KUR-HD reliably collects screenings from the wastewater, is variably adaptable and extremely low-maintenance and low-wear: the cleaning elements, which are variable in type and number, lift screenings with ease during upward travel, transport them to the discharge point and push them from the automatic stripping device into the designated collection tank or onto the conveyor belt. The screen cleaning cycle repeats until the water level difference caused by dirt has been completely reduced. Depending on the hydraulic requirements, flow-optimised and curved screen bar profiles are used. Individually replaceable sprocket teeth on the drive unit and the maintenance-free roller chain made of stainless steel ensure smooth operation.

Passavant® Multi-Rake Bar Screens KUR

Passavant® Multi-Rake Bar Screens KUR for the Wastewater Treatment Plant in Le Havre, France