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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Passavant® Multi-Rake Bar Screens KUR-C

Marseille, France


The inhabitants of Marseille were well aware of the following situation:
During heavy stormwater events, thousands of cubic metres of waste water and storm water were discharged into the sea due to the lack of rain retention basins.

The Calanque de Cortiou was then closed for the public. The ecological challenge was to prevent the release of one million cubic metres of waste water per year into the natural environment and to relieve the Geolide wastewater treatment plant, the largest underground plant in Europe (40,000 m²), by the construction of a huge  wet weather flow retention basin.


The underground stormwater retention basin Ganay, has a diameter of 56 m and is capable of collecting 50,000 m³ of mixed stormwater and wastewater in just one hour before it is discharged into the Geolide treatment plant within less than 24 hours.
The pre-screening of the enormous water quantities is carried out with 3 Passavant® Multi-Rake Bar Screens KUR-C. More than 10 m³ of screenings are discharged per hour via downstream installed conveyor belts. The total wastewater throughput is 14 m³/s.
Drainage pumps can operate reliably and the maintenance effort for cleaning the stormwater tank after use is minimised.


  • Short cleaning cycles due to revolving chain with 7 cleaning elements per screen
  • No sprocket wheels in the submerged area
  • Completely hygiene-enclosed system

Technical Data

  Passavant® Multi-Rake Bar Screen
Type KUR-C
Quantity 3
Maximum flow rate 16,800 m³/h/screen
Number of cleaning rakes 7 sets per screen
Channel width 2,100 mm
Channel depth 4,500 mm
Gap width 50 mm
Bar rack height 3,500 mm
Installation angle 75°


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