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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Rotary Drum Screen

Separation and discharge of solids or respectively contaminants from a liquid phase for disposal or, where appropriate, for recycling.

Unique Features

The intelligent design of the Noggerath® Rotary Drum Screen RSH-I-F is characterized by

  • Axial and radial drum guide by trunnion wheels
  • Optimal adaptability of the inlet area to the individual requirements of the specific application
  • Torsion resistant drum due to an external reinforcement spiral
  • Machined drum running surfaces under the radial trunnion wheels for smoother and even running
  • Suitable for pre-sieving for membrane bio-reactor (MBR)


The Noggerath® Rotary Drum Screen RSH-I-F has successfully been employed in municipal wastewater treatment plants and in the cleaning of industrial process water for over 25 years. This rotary drum screen – originally developed for the paper industry – has proven to be particularly reliable and robust in daily use.

The process water, or respectively wastewater, flows into the headbox via the inlet flange. Here the flow velocity is reduced and the solids in the water are homogenized. The liquid reaches the inner surface of the horizontal rotating drum by overflowing lateral weirs, and tangential loading results in a self-cleaning effect on the sieve surface. The solids captured in the drum are transported axially by flights which are mounted on the inner walls. The solids are dewatered during transport to the discharge end of the screen.