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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Septage Receiving Station

The robust and versatile station for receiving septage sludge from tankers is also used for receiving industrial wastewater or for sludge screening.

Unique Features

  • Particularly robust in operation and long service life
  • Low maintenance requirements and high operational reliability
  • No service water required in the pressing zone
  • Reliable and automatic self-cleaning operation
  • Screen surface with highly efficient hydraulic profile for minimum pressure drop in any operating condition
  • Connections for measuring discharge parameters


The Noggerath® Septage Receiving Station NSI-SRS combines receiving, screen, spiral conveyor and press zone into a compact spiral screen in one tank. The fecal sludge is fed into the receiving tank from the tanker in free fall or by pressure feed and flows into the open sieve basket.
As soon as the water level in front of the screen reaches a certain level, the drive of the discharge spiral is started. The solids are transported to the discharge by the rotary motion of the spiral and are previously compacted and dewatered in the compaction zone.
A spiral brush, mounted in the lower section on the outside of the spiral, cleans the sieve surface. The spiral stops automatically when the preset level is reached or undershot.