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Geiger® High-Capacity Drum Screens

The Geiger® large rotating Drum Screens are typically installed in cooling water intake systems downstream from trash rakes or coarse bar screens. Debris is removed by efficient filtration at Geiger High-Capacity Drum Screens upstream of circulating water pumps. In this way the filtrated water distributed to a plant’s downstream system (heat exchangers, membranes) is freed from particles larger than the mesh size of the drum screening machines, similar to traveling water Screens.

Geiger® High-Capacity Drum screening machines are designed to efficiently filter/screen raw water at intakes as well as waste water while massively reducing maintenance procedures (low lifecycle costs). The In-to-Out flow pattern with double-entry from both sides ensures low hydraulic losses. Static and dynamic forces always act vertically (no buoyancy). Loads are vertical and absorbed by the civil structure. Debris accumulated at the inside of the drum cannot drop onto the channel bottom, which would be difficult to access (such as in the case of out-to-inflow patterns).

The debris being accumulated at the drums screen filters is being washed off by spray water nozzles following the gravity flow at the upper level during the drum screens rotation. The drum screens rotation is being triggered automatically when debris starts to accumulate at the inside of the drum.

Unique Features

  • High capacity, up to 140,000 m³/h (Framed Drum Screens) per channel
  • Static and dynamic forces are transmitted vertically into the civil structure (no buoyancy)
  • The Geiger® Cathodic Corrosion Protection systems with impressed current can easily be combined with Drum screening systems to prevent galvanic corrosion and to minimize MIC (microbial corrosion) risks
  • Designed for an operational working life of more than 40 years
  • Easy access to wash-water jets from deck level with no need to stop the screen
  • Lower complete lifecycle costs
  • Light but rigid structure due to the A-frame structure of the Drum (Framed Drum Screens)
  • Cost effective and high quality
  • Low maintenance costs and exceptional reliability
  • Highest possible backwash efficiency as debris is removed by wash water jets aided by gravity
  • No buoyancy
  • No accumulation of debris on the channel floor below the drums
  • Strong and solid design “Made in Germany”, including seismic qualification of the structure when requested. Produced in Germany by one of the most reputed screen manufacturers in the world
  • Large team of experts in design, project-handling and maintenance


Further Description and the Geiger High-Capacity Shaftless Drum Screen Option

Geiger® Drum Screens are generally designed to support high differential loading. Motor and gearbox are mounted at deck level for easy access and maintenance.
Sizes: 6 – 22 m diameter
Filtration: 1- 10 mm mesh size

The Geiger® Cathodic Corrosion Protection system combines well with Drum Screen structures built in coated carbon steel, 316L or other stainless or Duplex stainless steels for seawater applications.

The Geiger® Shaftless High-Capacity Drum Screens, (sometimes referred to as Frameless or Spokeless Drum Screens) are designed without radial arms/spokes or a central shaft. The slightly lighter nature of the Geiger® Shaftless Drum Screen allows for a reduced load on the civil work, thus avoiding the need to accomodate shaft-supporting civil structure, as required for Framed Drum Screen installations. 
No permanently submerged moving parts are involved and the mesh panels, rollers or pins can be inspected, maintained and if necessary replaced at deck level without the need to dewater the screening chamber. The Geiger® Shaftless Drum Screens require a very simple civil work structure and the design of the tracks attached to the chamber walls allows for ample adjustment to accommodate minor variations in the flatness of the chamber walls.

The typical application of Geiger® Shaftless Drum Screens are in open channel intakes with capacities up to 90,000m³/hr per channel. Additional advantages are the clean inlet (hydraulic passage) into the screen and a greatly simplified civil work. For flows in excess of 90,000m³/hr per channel the Geiger Framed Drum Screen or a higher quantity of channels should be considered.

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Geiger® High-Capacity Drum Screens

Geiger® High-Capacity Drum Screens for Seawater Water Intake at the Yanbu Refinery