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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Geiger® MultiDisc® Screen with Fish Return System

Geiger MultiDisc® Screens are available with specially designed fish buckets and fish return systems. They are widely used where strict requirements in terms of fish protection have to be fulfilled. Geiger MultiDisc® Screens minimize the rate of injury/mortality of the fish and have been approved as Best Available Technology by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Unique Features

  • Permanent immersion of the fish during their transport in screen buckets and return trough
  • Gentle discharge of the buckets with low gap to the return trough
  • Minimum risk of impingement and entrainment
  • Compliant with EPA 316b and UK fish protection guidelines
  • Innovative screen design for low head loss and low operating costs
  • Existing MultiDisc® screens can be easily upgraded with fish collection systems


The Geiger®fish collection and return system includes specially developed fish buckets mounted on each screen panel. The buckets transport fish, cyclostomata and other species in front of the screen panels gently to a water-filled trough. This trough leads to an area where the fish can be returned to the water source.
The innovative Geiger MultiDisc® screens with side-turn rotation pattern empty the fish buckets streamlined and with low gap into the return trough. Due to the special coating of our fish buckets and their hydraulically optimized shape, fish are prevented from sticking to the metal as well as from jumping out of the buckets during the uplift. Depending on customer’s requirements, the troughs for debris collection and fish return can be either combined or separated. Also existing MultiDisc® screens are capable for easy upgrade with fish collection system.