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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Sluice Gates
(sealed on 3 sides)

Extremely resilient, even with hard and bulky contents in the wastewater: The Passavant® Sluice Gates are available cost-effectively as a standard design or also as a custom design.

They are available in dimensions from 200x200 mm up to 7000x7000 mm.

Unique Features

  • Maximum safety through static and stress calculation by means of Finite Element-Method
  • Optimized steel-welded construction, largely maintenance-free
  • Avoidance of crevice corrosion through constructive prevention and through-welded seams
  • Low maintenance costs due to the use of different stainless steel grades, all steel parts are pickled and passivated
  • Our spindles are rolled, not cut


The Passavant® Sluice Gate can be installed both in front of and in the channel. It is equipped with a three-sided seal for both flow directions, fitted with a double lip seal. Tightness is guaranteed according to class 3 DIN 19569 (table 1). The plate is a welded construction out of bended profiles. As standard, the channel gates are operated manually or with an electric drive. In special cases, a hydraulic drive is available. Alignment inaccuracies are compensated by using a mother box, smooth running is guaranteed.

The frame can either be concreted in or doweled on. A prerequisite for dowelling, however, is a straight and level shaft wall in accordance with DIN 18202. The Sluice Gate is available with a semi-circular or straight sill, or as a drop-down channel gate. It is also available as a single or double spindle version. The Sluice Gate is designed and manufactured in our factory according to DIN 19569-4.

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