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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Noggerath® Overflow Screen

A Malata, Spain

Noggerath® Overflow Screens for Filtration & Retention of Solids at Rain Overflow Basins/Combined Sewer Overflows


The rainwater retention park, planned within the rehabilitation works in the A Malata area, will be integrated into the landscape as a green area.
The Ria de Farrol sewer system is to be completed in order to meet the requirements of the Directive 91/271/EEC on wastewater treatment. The objective is a bypass screening of discharge water at overflow thresholds to protect the water body during wet weather conditions to avoid overflow.


Our local partner for rainwater retention systems in the area, relies on the Noggerath® Overflow Screens to minimize hydraulic pressure loss at the overflow sill. For optimal recirculation of the retained solids, the symmetrically arranged overflow screens convey the screenings into a common collection chamber.

The installed Noggerath® machines have been in operation since beginning of year 2021. Shortly after commissioning, the operator reported already a reduction of pollutants at the water outlet in accordance with the regulations for the protection of the river estuary. One of the objectives of the rainwater retention system is to store the water flow in order to avoid an overload and bypass of the wastewater treatment plant.

Technical Data

Products Quantity Perforation Flow rate per screen
Noggerath®  Overflow Screen
OVF 500/4150
2 Ø 6 mm 1,340 l/s
Noggerath®  Overflow Screen
OVF 300/3750
2 Ø 6 mm

750 l/s

700 l/s

Noggerath®  Overflow Screen
OVF 300/2500
2 Ø 6 mm

348 l/s

750 l/s


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