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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Passavant® Mammutrotor Lago

The Mammutrotor® Lago has been specifically developed for small oxidation ditches or pond-style wastewater treatment plants.

There are more than 8,500 installations worldwide, with a total length of approximately 50,000 m. The Mammutrotor® has become the byword for economic and reliable surface aeration. The Mammutrotor® Lago is manufactured in Aarbergen (Germany), builds on the Passavant product’s strengths experience and has been specifically developed for small oxidation ditches/lagoon/pond-style wastewater treatment plants.

Unique Features

  • Constant oxygen input and efficiency over entire life cycle
  • No negative influence on the oxygen input in case of
    varying wastewater characteristics, α -factor close to 1
  • Embedded guide baffle for high energy efficiency and
    direct flow to deeper water layers
  • Linear energy output over the entire rotor lenght
  • Innovative drive concept without coupling
  • Low maintenance requirement (oil change after 20,000-50,000 hours)
  • Optional: Environmentally-friendly lubricant


Applications & Uses

The Passavant® Surface Aerator Mammutrotor® is has been installed worldwide in municipal and industrial wastewatertreatment plants. The scope of ist application range from oxidation ditches, sequence batch reactors or lagoon/pond-style treatment plants. This technology is particularly efficient for calcareous and solids-laden waste water or in the case of warm environments.

Design Features

The core of the system is the aeration rotor, a central shaft with clamped star mountings made of glass-fibre reinforced plastic.Their spiralled arrangement ensures low-noise and shock-free operation. The drive unit and the end bearing are equally crucial for stable low-maintenance operations over the course of many years.
The drive unit consists of a drummotor with an integrated gearbox.

Product Variants & Sizes

The oxygen transfer efficiency of the Mammutrotor® principally depends on the immersion depth and the rotation. In the case of a maximum immersion depth of 28 cm in a lagoon (or 30 cm in a an oxidation ditch) and a rotational speed of 72 RPM, there is approx.
9 kg O2 /h oxygen transfer (into clean water) per one-metre length of rotor. Using a rotor length of 1.5 meters there is an oxygen transfer rate of 12-13 kg O2 /h (into clear water) – the installed electrical power of this unit at this length is 7.5 kW (three phases). The delivery includes the pontoon/swimming device.


The supply of the Mammutrotor Lago can be complemented by:

  • Fixations
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Outdoor control cabinet with frequency converter
  • Process automation using Aqualogic®
  • Other high-efficiency equipment for waste water treatment from our product range
Berghofen, Germany

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