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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Passavant® Mammutrotor® Lago

Berghofen, Germany

Efficiency Improvement for Ditches


The two oxidation ditches (ponds) of the Berghofen wastewater treatment plant were equipped with conventional surface aerators.
Due to its age, in 2020 the equipment became due for refurbishment. The process engineering concept provides for fixed cycles, typical for an SBR (Sequencing Batch Reactor). During the filling phases, the Mammutrotor® is therewith partly operated with an adverse immersion depth.


At first, one oxidation ditch was equipped with a Passavant® Mammutrotor® Lago MR 1000-1.5 m.
Due to the maximum immersion depth and the integrated guide baffle, the maximum oxygen input and yield is already available at the beginning of the nitrification phase.

In comparison with the Mammutrotor® 700-2.5 m, the energy demand was about 1/3 lower. At the same time, the nitrogen removal improved as oxygenated water is led to the bottom of the basin and thus a larger aerobic volume is available.
Based on the positive experience, the second oxidation ditch was also equipped with a Mammutrotor® Lago MR 1000-1.5 m.


  • High oxygen yield of up to 2 kWh/kgOthanks to integrated guide baffle and proven design of the GRP-Paddle
  • Innovative drive concept with drum motor, thus mostly maintenance-free (Oil change intervals up to 20.000-50.000 h)
  • Quick and easy installation

Technical Data

  Passavant® Mammutrotor® Lago
Type MR 1000-1.5 m
Rotor diameter 1000 mm
Rotor length 1500 mm
Motor power 7.5 kW


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