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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


primary sludge extraction

The process of Passavant CarbonExtract® is an essential step towards energy efficient wastewater treatment. It is based on our Noggerath® drum screen RSH-MG, the fine screening of raw wastewater enables a separation of solids.


The core of the process is our Noggerath® drum screen RSH-MG it almost completely sieves off impurities such as hair, fibres, oil, grease and other organic contaminants. This relieves following cleaning processes and improves operational safety of sewage treatment plants. 
The process has proven itself as a pretreatment unit for membrane filtration, conventional activated sludge plants or biofilm processes. An optional, integrated dewatering system for the screenings and innovative cleaning of the mesh furthermore make the system very compact and maintenance-friendly.

Passavant® CarbonExtract® with Noggerath® drum screen RSH-MG is an attractive alternative to conventional preclarification, not only because of its significantly smaller dimensions. An optional flocculation unit enables a considerably increased extraction of the carbon. The highly organic screenings can be used in an anaerobic sludge stabilisation (Digestion) to produce biogas or by combustion/gasification technologies.

In conclusion, the process is an optimal support in the conversion to anaerobic sludge stabilization, which focuses on the reduction of aeration energy and offers the possibility to energetically use biogas to reduce the energy costs of a wastewater treatment plant.

Fields of Application

  • Space-saving upgrade of existing wastewater treatment plants
  • Simple and effective capacity increase of overloaded wastewater Treatment plants
  • Contribution aid to become an energy-optimized sewage treatment plants
  • Replacement of a conventional primary clarifier
  • Pre-stage and safety barrier for subsequent sensitive processes such as membrane bioreactors