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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Surface Brush Aerator Mammutrotor

The Mammutrotor® is a horizontal shaft aerator used for oxygen transfer in the biological wastewater treatment process.

Unique Features

  • Aerosol protection for up- / downstream side
  • Frost protection covers; alternatively heatable frost protection hoods for coupling and bearing for Ø 0.7 m (~2.30 ft)
  • Noise protection hood covering gear reducer
  • Safety bars for accident prevention – upstream of rotors
  • Damping plates for suppression of surging
  • Overflow weirs to control immersion depth (02-input) with manual or electrical drive
  • Dissolved oxygen metre a. control systems


Suitable for plants with high and low load, but especially for low loaded plants when fitted with appropriate drives (optional with frequency converters) the Mammutrotor® produces adequate flow velocities, at low energy consumption and with a low oxygen input (necessary for simultaneous denitrification). The Mammutrotor® can be used in either Iongitudinal circulation flow tanks, carrousel or annular tanks with horizontal flow; if required a combination with submersible flow boosters is also possible. Maximum water depth without guide baffle and mixer should not exceed:

  • Ø 0.7 m (~2.30 ft) in circular tanks approximately 2.2 m (~7.22 ft) and other types of tanks approximately 2.6 m (~8.53 ft)
  • Ø 1.0 m (~3.28 ft) in circular tanks approximately 3.0 m (~9.84 ft) and in other types of tanks approximately 4.0 m (~13.12 ft) (max. up to 8.0 m (~26.25 ft) if operating with guide baffle and mixer).