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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Passavant® Circular Scrapers

Munich, Germany


The sewage treatment plant „Gut Großlappen“ in the north of Munich has been in operation since 1926. Through extensions, new buildings and a variety of measures, it has been continuously modernised since 1957 and has been adapted to the respective rules of the technology standard. The plant now treats around 160 million cubic meters of wastewater annually. Since some of the tanks were outdated, they had to be replaced by 6 new aeration and 6 intermediate sedimentation tanks for about 146 million euros for the entire construction between 2012 and until probably 2023 while the plant was still in operation.


Passavant® circular scrapers were used for the tank scraping of the 6 new intermediate clarifiers. The positive experiences, which had been made with Passavant® scrapers over decades, were taken into account in the design details of the new tender. The bridges, which extend over the entire diameter, are divided into two parts and are equipped with an anti-kink monitoring system in the middle. For reliable winter operation, the scrapers are driven by a positive drive with gear racks. The electrical supply is provided by a slip ring body which is connected to the on-site electrical system via the central structure. The measuring and automation technology is installed in stainless steel external switch cabinets on the scraper bridge installed. The scrapers run in continuous operation at a scraping speed of 3 cm/s. The entire delivery was carried out in 2 construction phases (4 scrapers + 2 scrapers are still pending), so that a complete safe operation of the entire plant was guaranteed during the renewal period.

Key Features

  • Trouble-free winter operation by positive drive
  • Protection of the tank wall surface by rail operation
  • Double bridge with compensation control
  • Central operation and visaliuzation through data connection to the process control system with wireless Ethernet

Technical Data

  Passavant® circular scraper
Quantity 6
Type Double bridge design with compensation control
Outer diameter 63 m
Gangway width 1.2 m
Tank depth at the edge of the hopper 8.3 m
Sludge hopper diameter 8 m



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