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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Cable-Operated Grab Cleaner /
Bar Screens Raking Machines /
Trash Raking

Cable-Operated Grab Cleaners/Bar Screens are typically installed in water intake systems as front-end coarse screens or trash racks. Depending on technical requirements, there are stationary and traversing versions available, to minimize costs on multi-channel intake designs at optimized reliability.

Unique Selling Point

  • Available as stationary or traversing/movable machines for multiple channels- one grab cleaner for three or more channels
  • Intelligent cleaning technique
  • Highly reliable grabbing and removal of bulky debris
  • High loading capacity of the grab cleaner
  • Different speeds for the cleaner carriage during the descent and cleaning cycle
  • The cleaning cycle can be started from any grab cleaner position
  • Exact limitation of the lifting movement
  • Fully automated cleaning operation with slack rope control (for 3-rope device).
  • Adaptable: Different speeds for the cleaner carriage during the descent and cleaning cycle. 
  • The cleaning cycle can be started from any grab cleaner position, due to the slack-rope control
  • Polyamid hose drums to minimize wear and tear and for longest, easiest service life (awarded by the Federal German State of Baden-Württemberg)


The main purpose of Geiger Cable-Operated Grab Cleaners/Bar Screens is the removal of bulky screenings and sediment material such as sand, gravel and debris to protect downstream equipment. Geiger Cable-Operated Grab Cleaners/Bar Screens are not only installed in new civil structures; they can also be easily retrofitted into existing water intake systems. In addition to the stationary machines, the traversing version or our traversing trash rakes can prove to be a more economical alternative. 

Passavant®/Geiger® Cable-Operated Grab Cleaners typically have two independent drive mechanisms for lifting and pivoting purposes. The cleaner carriage with grab cleaner runs on guide ways and is operated using control and hoist ropes. These form a unit, meaning that during the clearing cycle the lifting force acts as a lever on the grab cleaner, forcing it to close. The grab cleaner’s subsequent powerful closing force enables it to deal with extremely heavy loads and bulky debris. The lifting unit controls the descent and the cleaning motions of the cable-operated grab cleaner. The pivoting drive unit controls the entering of the grab cleaner into the bar screen. In this way, the raking device can move deeply into the bar rack. The slack rope control system detects any blocking of the cleaner carriage or grab cleaner caused by floating matter, pebbles, or debris, and will interrupt the grab cleaner’s descent to the lower meshing point, hence starting the cleaning cycle. Generally, deposits on the ground and bulky debris are removed layer by layer. In case of clogging or overloading, a special electro-mechanical safety control switches off the machine. This outstanding automated system ensures full operational reliability hence enabling high throughput.

Ruhlmühle, Germany

Cable Operated Bar Screen & Revolving Chain Screen for Water Treatment Plant in Ruhlmuehle, Germany