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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Geiger® Cable Operated Bar Screen & Revolving Chain Screen

Ruhlmühle, Germany

Cable Operated Bar Screen & Revolving Chain Screen for Water Treatment Plant in Ruhlmuehle, Germany


The newly built modular water treatment plant (MWBA) in Ruhlmuehle (Neustadt/Spree) reduces the iron load from the old arm of the Spree by at least 90% and thus contributes decisively to improving the river water quality. In the inlet to the plant, a Geiger® Cable Operated Bar screen cleans the river water before it enters the plant.  As a 2nd treatment stage, a Geiger® Revolving Chain Screen/Multi Rake Bar Screen KUR-C is installed in the pump feed and reaction basin upstream of the pump chambers.


The special feature of this project was that both the feed structure and the pump feed and reaction basin were designed as sheet pile structures. Special solutions had to be found for connecting the machines to these trapezoidal wall sections. In addition, the galvanic separation between the stainless steel machines and the normal steel sheet pile walls had to be carefully planned and executed to avoid later corrosion damage.


  • Compact control cabinets for power and control are each mounted directly on the side panels of the machines
  • The drive shaft of the Geiger® Cable Operated Bar Screen is equipped with maintenance-friendly and wear-reducing polyamide hose drums
  • Highly reliable grabbing and removal of bulky debris
  • Highest efficiency: Cable Operated Bar Screen (traversing version) for three and more channels possible
  • Fully automated cleaning operation with slack rope control          (for 3-rope device)
  • High cleaning performance of Geiger® Revolving Chain Screen  thanks to the minimized gap between the bars and rake teeth
  • Precise chain movement due to reliable guiding on either side
  • Sprocket segments are made of polyamide (smoother-running, less noise, less corrosion. Segments can be easily exchanged

Technical Data

Product Flow rate Water depth Installation depth Bar spacing Video
1 Geiger® Cable Operated Bar Screen
incl. switch gear and water level measurement
1,800 m3/h 1.46 m 3.30 m (below deck level) 20 mm  Geiger® - Cable Operated Bar Screen - YouTube
1 Geiger® Revolving Chain Screen KUR-C
incl. switch gear and water level measurement
360 m3/h   1.49 m 4.85 m (below deck level) 20 mm  Geiger® - Revolving Chain Srcreen - YouTube

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