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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


High-Capacity Revolving Chain Screen /
Multi-Raking Machine /
Rotating Chain Rake Screen

Geiger® Revolving Chain Screens are heavy-duty rotating chain screens suitable for both coarse and fine screening. The Geiger® Revolving Chain Screen can reliably remove large quantities of debris.

Unique Features

  • High cleaning performance thanks to the minimized gap between the bars and rake teeth
  • Precise chain movement due to reliable guiding on either side
  • Sprocket segments are made of polyamide (smoother-running, less noise, less corrosion. Segments can be easily exchanged and no grease is required)
  • Highly adaptable: a variety of cleaning elements mean that Geiger® Revolving Chain Screens can be adapted to deal with different types of debris, e.g. jellyfish, sea grass and fish
  • Optional: Special buckets, e.g. for dealing with jelly fish (see image on the left) and large quantities of algae. Best cleaning performance with Vee-Wire
  • Simple and robust construction meets modern design and manufacturing for high reliability and a long service life
  • Low maintenance costs and highest reliabilities (minimized OPEX and life cycle costs) 
  • The Geiger® Revolving Chain Screen offers the best protection against large quantities of debris (shortest cleaning intervals)


The main components of a Geiger® Revolving Chain Screen are the two drive chains with one or more cleaning elements, chain wheels on the drive shaft and the lower deflection unit, a guide on each side, a drive unit with overload protection, an apron with chute and a bar screen. 

The complete unit can be installed in the civil structure without the need for recesses, thus reducing the costs on new installations. The Geiger High-Capacity Revolving Chain Screens are ideal as well for the upgrade and retrofitting of existing intake channels, especially in case of higher debris load (for example seasonal jellyfish attacks). 

The multiple cleaning elements, which are fastened to the revolving chains, mesh into the bar screen and transport the screenings to the discharge chute. An automatically actuated stripper wipes the screenings over the chute into the disposal. 



Geiger® Cable Operated Bar Screen & Revolving Chain Screen

Cable Operated Bar Screen & Revolving Chain Screen for Water Treatment Plant in Ruhlmuehle, Germany