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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Geiger® Electric Fish Repelling/Immobilization System

Electric fish repelling systems are used as behavioral barrier to prevent fish from entering “danger zones” such as water intake areas.
In combination with suitable fish return systems they can also be applied as immobilization measure. In this case fish which approach the screening machines are stunned for a short time, so they get gently transported back to the water body instead of exhausting from their permanent attempt to escape.

Unique Features

  • Applicable for water intakes, pumping stations, hydropower plants at rivers and lakes
  • Optimum repelling effect thanks to individually-planned solutions
  • Fully automatic control system for pulse emission and voltage control
  • Gentle return of trapped fish and other aquatic species to the water body
  • Ideal combination with Geiger MultiDisc® Screens or Geiger® Center-Flow Travelling Band Screens


Electric fish repelling systems are located upstream of the intake channels. The electrodes create a repelling zone by emission of weak pulse sequences. These electric pulses are felt as muscle contractions by most fish, which imply a “danger signal” so they swim away. For those fish which still enter the screening chambers, an electric immobilization system can help to increase survival rates considerably by preventing exhaustion and injury. The fish become momentarily immobilized by electric pulses. In this way they are easily collected by the fish buckets of our rotating screens. Specifically designed fish return systems enable a gentle return back to the water body. In combination with Geiger MultiDisc® screens and Geiger® in-to-out travelling band screens, highest survival rates have been experienced. Fish repelling systems and also fish collection/return systems should be active permanently, whereas fish immobilization systems are typically activated a few times a day only.

Geiger® Fish Protection Technology

Geiger® fish protection technology and filtration of debris in the water intake of the coal-fired power plant in Punta Catalina, Dominican Republic.