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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Geiger® Fish Protection Technology

Punta Catalina, Dominican Republic

Geiger® fish protection technology and filtration of debris in the water intake of the coal-fired power plant in Punta Catalina, Dominican Republic.


The plant was built in 2016 in an area with an increased earthquake risk and high wind forces (240 km/h), therefore structual calculations and reinforced designs for the steel structures (the storage rack for the stop logs) were required.


Cooling water intake meets the highest requirements for fish protection and is therefore one of the first plants outside Europe and North America with such a high standard of fish protection solution while filtrating debris.

An electric fish repelling system forms a barrier against swimming fish in front of the water intake structure. Small fish, which cannot be retained by the fish repelling system, are transported upwards by the fish buckets, which are integrated in the travelling band screens and returned to the sea via a separate fish channel and fish return line.

Key Features

  • Optimum protection of larger fish and other aquatic organisms by an upstream electric fish repelling system
  • Geiger® Cable-Operated Bar Screens with automated cleaning
  • Safe collection and removal of bulky debris
  • High load capacity of the cleaner carriage
  • Geiger® Centre-Flow Travelling Band Screens (in-to-out-flow) with special screen shape and integrated fish buckets to protect and retract of the smaller fish
  • Emptying the fish buckets into a separate fish collecting channel
  • Particularly gentle return of fish and biologically valuable substances
  • Intensive cleaning of the screen panels with spray water only when descending i.e. after the fish buckets have been emptied

Technical Data

4 channels:

Channel width:   4,4 m
Channel depth: 10,2 m
Flow Rate per channel: 30.000 m³/h sea water

Geiger® Fish Repelling System

4 Geiger® Stoplogs with 8 guideways, lifting beams and storage stand

4 Geiger® Liftable Coarse Bar Racks, bar spacing: 200 mm

4 Geiger® Revolving Chain Screens with special high-capacity rake design (jelly-fish buckets), bar spacing: 22 mm

Geiger® Centre-Flow Travelling Band Screens with fish return system, filtration (mesh): 5mm

Spray water system with submersible pumps

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